New Zealand Country Overview

Familiar yet different, New Zealand is a home from home. This beautiful country is about the same size as the UK, but the population is little more than 4 million. They also drive on the left and enjoy four traditional seasons with hotter summers and milder winters. These favourable comparisons, together with the prospect of a better quality of life, are galvanising many Brits to island hop to the other side of the world.

Empty golden beaches, imposing mountain ranges, lush forests, glacial lakes, dormant volcanoes and tumbling waterfalls set the scene for its great outdoors. This dramatic landscape plays host to almost every leisure activity imaginable and boasts 14 national parks as well as nature reserves. With so much choice and space to live and play, New Zealand is a rare find that is fast being discovered.


New Zealand Basic Financial Facts

  • Max 70% LTV
  • Max term 30 years
  • NZ$ 100,000 minimum loan
  • Repayment and Interest only mortgages
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