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Funding your Deposit

We can provide you with information on different methods by which you can raise the deposit for your overseas property. The choice will depend on your financial circumstances, and will be linked to your income, assets or both. You can make these arrangements using Conti or Anchor Mortgages, our own UK specialist, or through your own sources.

Legal Advisors

We have partnerships with two UK based international law firms which, between them, are represented in every one of the countries where we provide mortgage products. This ensures that your application and purchase are dealt with by lawyers entirely familiar with the legal processes in the country concerned, and that you have a tried and tested resource to guide you – who also speaks your language!

Currency Exchange

Part of the mortgage process may involve setting up a bank account in the country where you are purchasing, and it will be in your interests to obtain the best possible exchange rates into the local currency. We have a facility with one of the biggest Currency Exchange companies in the UK to assist you with this.

International Tax Services

If you are in receipt of rental income from an overseas property you have an obligation to declare this income in the overseas country. As a UK tax resident you also have an obligation to declare foreign earned income within your HMRC income tax return. We have a partnership with Property Tax International, an international tax accounting firm, to offer you a simple, straight-talking and affordable UK and international tax filing service. For more information, click here.

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