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Top tips for buying property abroad

Buying a property abroad is an exciting prospect, but one important rule applies – don’t let your heart rule your head. It’s crucial that the right advice is sought and that you don’t try to cut corners. The principles you would stick to in the UK also apply when buying overseas. Follow these tips from...


Buyers looking to France as a safe haven

According to the 5th edition of the BNP Paribas international buyers research report ‘Investing & Living Abroad, buyers are most influenced by three factors – quality of life, climate and gastronomy – which bodes well for France which excels in all three. Trevor Leggett, chief executive of French estate agency Leggett Immobilier, said: “This may...


Property Reporter blog: Good news about CGT for French property

I’ve been pleased to read that President Francois Hollande has announced a change in the capital gains tax system on second home sales in a bid to boost France’s property market From 2014, the taper relief system is to be amended so that the required time of ownership before a property is exempt from CGT...


Spain overtakes France for mortgage enquiries in May

Interest is hotting up, with Brits leading the way The Spanish property market has had a turbulent few years, to put it mildly, but it appears that British buyers are rekindling their love affair with the country, according to Conti, the overseas mortgage specialist. In May alone, Spain accounted for 44 per cent of enquiries...

va loan pre approval

The Ultimate Guide to VA Loan Pre Approval

Table of Contents Why Getting VA Loan Pre Approval is Essential The Benefits of VA Loan Pre Approval How to Get VA Loan Pre Approval in 5 Simple Steps Common Mistakes to Avoid During the VA Loan Pre Approval Process Understanding the VA Loan Pre Approval Requirements Tips for Improving Your Chances of VA Loan...

amazon seller lending

The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Seller Lending: Boost Your Business with Smart Financing

The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Seller Lending: Boost Your Business with Smart Financing Table of Contents: Understanding the Benefits of Amazon Seller Lending How to Qualify for Amazon Seller Lending Exploring the Different Loan Options for Amazon Sellers Maximizing Your Profit with Amazon Seller Lending Avoiding Common Pitfalls of Amazon Seller Lending Tips for Successful...


Mortgage rates for property in Portugal slashed by up to 1.5%

Buying property in Portugal has become even more affordable thanks to mortgage rates being slashed by up to 1.5% this month. Mortgage deals available through Conti, the overseas mortgage specialist, now start at 3.35% for a variable rate of up to 30% loan to value and 3.4% for a variable rate of up to 60%...

what is a cpn

What is a CPN: Everything You Need to Know

Table of Contents The Basics of CPN: Definition and Purpose How Does a CPN Differ from a Social Security Number (SSN)? Using a CPN: Legality and Ethics Benefits of Obtaining a CPN for Personal and Business Use Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get a CPN CPN vs. EIN: Which One Should You Choose? What is...